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Commercial Lines Insurance

  • When an employee is injured on the job, how do I file a claim?
    Please complete a 1st report of injury and return to our office with any medical bills.
  • I have a new driver. What information do I need to turn in?
    When you add a new driver, please provide us with the name, date of birth, and drivers license number.
  • My roof collapsed due to weather, and it is after-hours. I cannot get in touch with anyone; what do I do?
    You can go ahead and protect your property from further damage and call our office during business hours to file a claim.
  • I was asked for a "Certificate of Insurance." What is that, and how do I get one?
    A Certificate of Insurance is proof of insurance coverage. If someone asks you for one, please call our office. We will issue a Certificate. If a business asks for a Certificate and has special requests listed, please call our office as soon as possible before you start the job. Some special requests cannot be done.

Personal Lines Insurance

  • Am I covered while driving a rental car?
    Most carriers will provide the same coverages you have on your policy, including the same deductibles, on a rental car driven for vacation or due to a claim in the policy territory (primarily the U.S. and Canada.) Some carriers include loss of use coverage (the "down time" the car rental agency can charge you while their rental vehicle is being repaired due to a loss in your possession.)
  • How much time do I have to list my new or replacement vehicle on my policy?
    Most carriers will provide automatic coverage for a period of between 15 to 30 days. However, if you are currently carrying liability only coverages on your policy and you want to add physical damage coverage to your newly acquired vehicle, you must notify us immediately.
  • Can I add my child's vehicle to my policy?
    In most cases, the vehicle must list one of the policy's names insureds on the title. The car can be jointly titled to you and your child. If the car is titled in the child's name only, you must contact us first before we can arrange for coverage.
Employee Benefits
  • What happens to my group health coverage if I quit my job or I'm laid off or fired?
    Typically, your benefits will stay in place until the end of the month in which your employment terminates. An extension of coverage may be available through COBRA or a conversion privilege. Check with your employer and/or your policy certificate for more information.
  • Does my new health policy cover pre-existing conditions?
    Your policy might have a waiting period for conditions in which you were diagnosed or received treatment for in the prior 12 months. As long as you have had continuous coverage in the last 12 months, without a break of more than 63 days, this waiting period will be waived. Check with your employer and/or your policy certificate for more information.
  • How can I cover my newborn from birth?
    Some contracts automatically cover newborns in their first 31 days of life. You must submit an enrollment form to your employer within 31 days in order to continue coverage without interruption. Check with your employer and/or your policy certificate for more information.
  • When can I add family members to my coverage?
    If you decline enrollment for yourself or your dependents when you are first eligible, then you must wait until your group's open enrollment, unless you have a Qualifying Event. Examples of Qualifying Events are involuntary loss of coverage, marriage, birth, and adoption. Check with your employer and/or your policy certificate for more information.

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