Personal Coverage

Fox and Fox offers insurance protection for your personal belongings, including your home and its contents, your vehicles, boat, and more. This is “first party coverage”—it protects your possessions. Third party coverage, or liability insurance, protects you against damage that you do to other people (bodily injury) or to their things (property damage.)

  • Homeowners—Package policy protecting your home and its contents against specified perils such as fire, windstorm or vandalism while affording personal liability for non-automobile damages against others.

  • Automobile—Protects your automobile against loss or damage while also protecting you in event of tour injury to other people or their property.

  • Motorcycle—This is a specific policy form which includes specific coverage restrictions and enhancements pertaining to the operation of a motorcycle.

  • Umbrella Liability—A policy which provides higher limits of liability over the homeowners, automobile and yacht policies for coverage of catastrophic loss.

  • Boats / Yachts—Watercraft which exceed the length and power limitations of the homeowners policy can be covered for the hull, equipment and liability coverage by means of this specialized contract.

  • Valuable Property—Collectible and certain other valuable property is limited under the homeowners policy. In order to obtain higher limits, specific coverage not subject to a deductible, this is the best means to do so. Most often this coverage is applied to jewelry, furs, silver, fine arts and the like.


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